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Choosing how you are going to tell your story is important. Your choice will make a huge difference to the way your readers interact with it. What I am alluding to here is what is known as point of view.

So what actually is point of view? It’s the way the story is told with respect to the narrator. Who is the narrator of your story? The protagonist, the reader, or someone else?

If you choose First Person, the narrator is the protagonist. You can easily tell because the narrator uses words like I and me.

Second Person isn’t as widely used because the reader becomes a participant in the story. Words like You are used a lot in the narration.

Third Person narration happens outside the action and makes use of words like they, he or she.

As you’d probably have gathered by now, first and third person is used most commonly in fiction. Which you choose is up to you but bear in mind it will affect the way your reader interacts with the story.

Let me give you an example. In my most recent book, The Altar Boy (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BSIZIZU) I chose to write it in first person.
The Altar Boy cover

First person gives the reader a sense of immediacy, a kind of direct link with the narrator. The downside is that it is fairly limiting in that the reader can only gain information that is available to the narrator. It is therefore rather limited in scope.
What is your preferred modality? First person, second person or third person?

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